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Relic is a death metal bands from Italy active since 2005. They combine a creepy horror-themed show with high impactful scenography and a mixture of music style from old school thrash metal, groove metal, nu metal in a mixture they auto-defined "mutant death metal".
Relic, Italian Metal bands, Bologna Metal, metal bands from Italy
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Horrorstoner (2016)

Inspired by the movie My Little Sister.

Directed by Maurizio Del Piccolo
Editing by Maurizio Del Piccolo
Shootings by Moviedel Italia Productions
Location Manager: Marco Pazzini
Special FX by Chiara Mariani
Script by Maurizio Del Piccolo
Edition: Eleonora Turri
Casting: Eleonora Turri
Catering: Francesca Gemin

With Federica Moscatiello and Antonio Berardone

The song Horrorstoner is part of the Original Soundtrack of My Little Sister. Written and Produced by RELIC (all right reserved).
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at High Distortion Level Studios by Luca Gomedi.

Gates of Utopia (2014)

Produced by Relic
Directed by Maurizio del Piccolo
Editing by Moviedel Production (
Assistant Director: Eleonora Turri
Script by Relic
DOP: Maurizio del Piccolo
Video-editing and Post-Production by Moviedel Production
Make Up by Alessandra Merlin, Francesca Gemin and Francesca Carpinteri
Photo by Morgana Photo
Filmed in ex-Antonini Psychiatric Hospital in Mombello (MI) and in Quarantotto Arnaldo Inpianti warehouse in Budrio (BO).

Music by Paolo Nocchi.
Lyrics by Paolo Nocchi, Marco Pazzini, Simone Spolzino.
All tracks are recorded at Orion Studios by Paolo Nocchi.
Mixed and Mastered at High Distortion Level Recording Studio (

Liberty (2012)

Directed by: Simone Danieli
Shootings: Simone Danieli, Alberto Pasi, Lorenzo Lombardi
Make Up: Lorenzo Lombardi
Editing & VFX: Michele David