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Relic is a death metal bands from Italy active since 2005. They combine a creepy horror-themed show with high impactful scenography and a mixture of music style from old school thrash metal, groove metal, nu metal in a mixture they auto-defined "mutant death metal".
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The RELIC beast was born in 2005 in Bologna, Italy, and reached its current form after a long subtle process of genetic mutations among veterans of the Italian Metal Community, being influenced by a great variety of musical backgrounds in a unique style defined Mutant Death Metal.


Latest News

First Prize at Haunted Horror Film Festival

The brand new videoclip of Horrorstoner has been awarded as the Most Creative Horror Themed Videoclip at the American Film Festival.

Following up the previous Gates of Utopia, it has been produced in collaboration with Moviedel Productions, with a new and stronger alliance. In fact, both the storyboard and the music are inspired by My Little Sister, the third movie directed by M. and R. Del Piccolo whose soundtrack includes the songs in the credits.


Working on the next full-lenght album

The pre-production phase of what it will be the most massive and ever-lasting piece of Art produced by RELIC is almost finished. Although titles and descriptions cannot be revealed yet, the creative direction is sharp and clear and it will absorb a huge variety of music expressions that reflects this chaotic and liquid era that the beast proudly helped to define. It will continue to carry on its hunger during the upcoming live performances: stay tuned!

Lo Spezz

Lo Spezz

Also bass player of Tarchon Fist and Basic Dreams
Ex-member of Angel of Anger


Il Conte

Il Conte

Also producer at Slow Wave Sleep and soundtrack composer
Ex-member of Spookshow Inc. and Shinigami Squad

Guitars and backing vocals



Also member of Glory & Broken Bones
Ex-member of Shroud of a Mask and Conspiracy




Also member of Burnout
Ex-member of Lacerater and Sigma Draconis




Also member of The Shameless Reunion